One of the cornerstones in the success of the process for Developing an International Business is the performance of the Management in charge of the business.
Clearly, a Good Business, with a Good Market and a Good Planning will only be successful if it has a Good Administration.
In this context, there are a series of factors and limiters that threaten this success, but which can be eased by applying a Management Structure suitable for the administration of the business abroad. Learn more about this.
Our services here offer a direct external support to the Management.
And thus, we act as Consultants in the most diverse areas. We could give support not only wirh our own structure, but also in our Associated Consultants.
We generally we act as Consultants on issues such as:


  • Selection and recruitment of executive officers and operations’ staff to cover all the Business areas.
  • Compensations.
  • Market survey for payment and benefits.
  • Performance Evaluation.
  • Ambience and Work-Environment Evaluations.



  • Consultantship in the financial structuring of the business.
  • Assistance in the restructuring of liabilities.
  • External support in Mergers and Acquisitions’ transactions.
  • Learn more about how we can assist you in this area.



  • Consultantship in the structuring of Commercial and Financing Agreements.
  • External support on Settlement of Companies carried out by other consultants.
  • Management of the Business before public and private entities related to it.



  • Market and Trends’ Reports.
  • Assessment of the Credit Risk of the potential Clients.
  • Selection of Suppliers and Consultants.
  • Evaluation on the fulfillment of commercial plans and campaigns.
  • Coordination of schedules and business meetings.
  • Assistance and support in business meetings. 
  • Assistance for the follow-up of potential Clients and Business up to their final capture/fulfillment.
  • Business Prospect up to the closure of the business deal.



  • Administration and report of formal and management accounting of the Business.
  • Taxing Consultantship.
  • Consultantship on taxing and commercial promotion regimes.



  • Operative and Management audits of the Business, to be reported either to the Local Management or to the Main Office.
  • Follow-up of the business plan and the fulfillment of budgets.
  • Management control on other aids such as Commercial Proxies, Associates, etc.



  • Consultantship on improvement alternatives for the Logistic area of the Business.
  • Ports and Harbors.
  • Storage.
  • Transportation.
  • Customs.