One of the most important aspects in the process of the Foreign Development of Businesses relates to its Administration and Management.

In this sense, we can name a series of factors and limiters that threaten the final success of the Development Process abroad.


  • Unawareness of the rules and regulations inherent to the country, and its influence in the day-to-day business.
  • Differences between each country in cultural matters as in the “Practices and Customs”.
  • Limited knowledge of the “Market” in which the business will be developed. As a global concept, market is not only a question of bid and offer, it is also very important understand "who is who" there,  as Customers, Suppliers, Distributors, Banks, Law Firms, Accountants and other support agents.
  • Hidden costs when Customer try to manage the business under "remote control", specially during the start up.


The effect of this type of factors and limiters is diminished by using some local management structures that are both reliables and competents.

For this, the client can choose to manage its business by using Local or Expatriated Management.

LOCAL MANAGEMENT: Here, client hires a Local Professional, who will be in charge of the administration of the local business. It can also make some kind of agreement with Local Partners, Distribuitors or Representives.

  • In general, this type of management should ensure a vast knowledge of the Market. On the other hand, has the problem to resign some control in the business development, which could be critical in terms of cost and profits. This issue becomes extremely important when it comes to business that are brand new and in their start-up stage.
  • In practice, we have observed that this type of management structures are much more successful when the Client can complement them with strong planning and good control tools that will help to reach accurate and realistic goals.
  • SUDAFI is ready to assist the Client in the hiring and control of management. In that sense, we are been involved with control procedures and audits. Learn more about how this service can help.

EXPATRIATED MANAGEMENT. Client chosen relocate some key staff members in order to manage its new business abroad.

  • This structure, usually ensures a "better controlled and reliable” development in the new  business.
  • However, the adaptation period is usually Expensive in Terms of Opportunities, since it is necessary to know about and adapt to the new market and environment and it is common to use “trial and error” methods that are not only traumatic, but are also a threat to the development and the sustainability of the Business.
  • The Effective Cost of Relocation usually has a high impact on the business profitability, especially during the first stages of the development.
  • We notice that these Management structure is much more effective when the business has already overcome the “launching” stage and the costs associated with these kind of management can be absorbed by the growing amount of sales. Our experience in business demonstrate that is a good practice complement this structure by hiring a complementary Local  Consultant,.
SUDAFI is generally hired to perform Management Consultantships, in order to give direct local support to the expatriated manager, in order to provide him with better tools for his day-to-day decision making. Learn more about how this service can help your insertion into the new market.


  • We can offer the Client our “local” management and administrative structure.
  • We know the Market, and we can answer your needs not only in technicals and professionals, but also by using our contacts.
  • We work with a network of Associated Consultants that can offer solutions to different issues of the Business at hand.
  • We adapt to the “size” of the business within each stage, in order to follow its growth with a suitable cost-structure.
  • This Management Structure is specially designed to be applied during the first steps of the Business, since it seeks to improve the cost-benefit equation. 
Our goal is to become the RIGHT ARM of the Client meanwhile it are walking into the first steps in the Development of the new Business.