A previous and correct study of the foreign destination market will allow us to determine whether or not is convenient to reach out to it. It will also give us the basis for an Efficient Planning, which in many cases will determine the success or failure of the Market Capture Process in the country of destination.

Our part here is to assist the Clients in said Process, offering him the tools that will allow the improvement of the multiple decision-making processes.


For that goal, we have several tools to offer:

  • Preliminary Diagnosis Reports: We give the Client a first glance at the Market Capture Process in order to allow him to determine, in a swift manner, whether it is convenient for his business to become deeply involved in that Process. The report includes a first analysis of the cost-structure that his product may endure, and certain competitiveness conditions that may be achieved to develop his business.
  • Feasibility Reports: With this reports, the Client has a more complete idea of how to plan ahead his Market Capture Process. This report includes data on areas such as Law, Taxing, Operations, Administration and Logistics.
  • Marketing and Trends’ Studies: They are designed to learn in full the real and future depth of the Market at which the Client aims, taking into account the characteristics of supply and offer that can be found in the country of destination. This tool is an extraordinary aid for the commercial decision-making process, both current and future.