We support our clients during the process of acquisitions, sales or mergers.
The interrelationship that can be observed in this sector within the countries of the Mercosur has exponentially grown for the last years. In particular, we are observing an increasing interest for Brazilian companies to enter foreign markets.
Our services find their root in the following guidelines:
  • Our tarjet market is Small and Medium-Sized Companies (PYME) that generally only receive low-quality and non-efficient-cost consultant services for this kind of transactions.
  • Primarly we are seeking the Prospective Companies within the same industry and segment of our Client.
  • Our presence in the countries of the region (particularly in Brazil and Argentina) allow us facilitate the searching and negiciation with those Prospective Companies. We have the know-how to understand each market caracteristics.
  • SUDAFI works with a selected group of Associated Consultants, which allows us to complement all the technical aspect of the transaction, whether in financial, economic or legal matters.
  • Our fees in this type of transactions are associated with the success of the transaction, in order to give our client a most effective cost-benefit ratio..