We work with a select and well-known group of external consultants both in Brazil and in Argentina. Their members contribute with their expertise in different areas, and this complements the services we offer. This group includes, among others:

i.        Law Firms specialized in Commercial Matters in General, Partnerships, Finance Transactions Structuring, etc.

ii.       Tax Consultants, including those whose area of expertise covers imports, exports, special regimes on foreign trade, industrial promotion and governmental subsidies.


iii.      Experts in Human Resources, that aid us in the search and recruitment of staff for our clients.


iv.      Advisors on Marketing and Trends, with whom we work on market reports of different depths.


v.       Collateral Managers, who are specialized in the administration and custody of guarantees. we are working with them in Structured Finance Deals.


vi.      Others: Customs Clearance Agents, Insurance Consultants, Training Companies, etc.


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